My House in Pictures: Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room

So many hours and Days, but I think it was worth it. If you want to see what it looked like before you can see the house in these posts: Kitchen, Bathroom, Living room and Dining room.

IMG_5385 IMG_5390 IMG_5444

Sadly I don't have a picture that we're not working on filling the filing.

Sadly I don’t have a picture that we’re not working on filling the filing.


Seeing how the table fits with both leaves in. Works great!

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The House is Amazing

My wife Candice and I closed on the house at the end of April. Six months later we had finished nearly everything that we wanted to do. Including a complete kitchen and bathroom remodel. I mean we tore out 2  walls of the kitchen and removed 50% of the Bathroom walls and the remaining wall in the kitchen down to the studs. While we were at it we rewired and replumbed the entire house.

This was not done by just the two of us. My Dad was there for 90% of it, Candice’s Dad and Uncle put in some weekends. My Brother, his Wife,  my Mother, Mother in-law, Aunt and others all pitched in too. It seemed like it too forever, but funnily enough it now seems amazing how much we got done in only six months.

Right now one of the most amazing things I do everyday is come home. Coming home and walking into the house is nearly always amazing. Sometimes I just stop and stare at how great everything looks and struggle with the concept that we did all of it ourselves. All those hours and weeks and months that we spent without a break are nothing compared to the dream like feeling I get when I am filled to bursting with joy when I walk around my house.

Sure there is still much to do, many loose ends, but the majority is done, and the house for the last month has become more, it is now my home.


It's a nice looking house.

It’s a nice looking house.



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Strangely Silent: An Update on Our House Buying

Many of you know that Candice and I have been on the path to buy a house since July of last year. (if you didn’t know this I’m sorry and I should be better at keeping in touch with you)

This has been a crazy and sometimes painful process little of which has been shared on Social Media. This is because the whole process of buying a house in the Bay Area is quite possibly one of the craziest things you could want to do right now. It is a sellers market and homes get multiple offers days after being put on the market, and prices are sky rocketing.

For Candice and I this meant spending most of our free time during the week looking for homes online in the areas we wanted to live. Then on the weekends we would look at them, putting offers in on the ones we liked. We did this for the last four months, over and over and over again. We put in over a half dozen offers, and each one that we didn’t get was a painful rejection and a loss of someplace that we had already invested a bit of our dreams into. As much as you try not to get attached to a house you put an offer in on, you do have imagine yourself living there since you are spending tons of money on trying to buy it.

I won’t lie, I went a bit crazy.

So when we had an offer finally accepted at the end of March we were very reluctant to tell anyone despite being pretty excited. Even as things progressed we have continued to only tell people when we speak face to face so fragile did the dream still seem. It’s not until today when I know that everyone has signed the final papers and that there is only one thing left to happen before I get the keys am I even willing to write this down. I could not let it become real, still keeping my hopes as low as possible, always trying to be ready for the other shoe to drop.

However, if you are reading this it means that the other shoe doesn’t exist (or it’s still out there waiting) and it means that the deal is done.

Candice and I have a home and we couldn’t be happier.

We look forward to having you over (as soon as we tear apart the kitchen, bathroom… never mind just come on over!)

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The Acacia House: The Short Version

The first of Triplets

The first of Triplets

It's a nice looking house.

It’s a nice looking house.

Looking into dining room from living room.

Looking into dining room from living room.


252 Acacia Livingroom






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252 Acacia Bathroom and Bedrooms

IMG_4125 IMG_4126 IMG_20150328_130703_352 (1) IMG_20150328_130657_986 IMG_20150328_130710_152 (1) IMG_4133 ML81455733_3_0

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252 Acacia Garage and Misc

IMG_4121 IMG_4120 IMG_4119 IMG_4139 IMG_4140 IMG_20150328_131207_467 IMG_4123

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252 Acacia Living Room and Dining room

IMG_4127 IMG_4128 IMG_4130 IMG_4118IMG_20150328_130642_104ML81455733_1_0

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