Who is writing all this nonsense?

I feel that I should be defined by my obsessions.

First there is my Lovely Wife, but this blog will have almost nothing to do with her unless she joins me in my crazy doings.

Second there are motorcycles. I ride them and then I attempt to write about them. Both sometimes result in spectacular failure. Right now I am back on my first motorcycle a Ducati Monster (620, 2005).

Third there is my reading, I used to read a lot, now I read a fair amount. I can’t keep up with the wife which makes me feel like I don’t read that much, but I average 2 books a month and countless motorcycle magazines and blogs.

Lastly there is my gaming. I have been playing RPG’s since I was 10 and MMOs since they became big. I still do both semi actively.

The order might change any given month, but those are the constants. This blog is here to move writting up the list.


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