Not Racing

I tried to write this yesterday, and I actually did write it, but Livejournal ate it and so now I’m no longer using them to blog. Hopefully WordPress doesn’t hate me like that.

I took the long way home again yesterday. It’s going to rain today so I left work a bit early and took advantage of the last day of dry roads and warm weather for a while.

It wasn’t as sunny as last week, but this ends up being a good thing in the late afternoon in the winter, since the sun is setting it often can blind you coming around a corner. Yesterday however the overcast skies kept this from happening allowing me to focus on just riding.

I was a little worried that the ride would end up being not so great when I started seeing as I was stuck behind two cars. One of them turned off right away but the other kept on up the hill. Soon we were past all the common turn off areas and the road tightened up getting more twisty. The Car slowed down quite a bit, and I soon decided I was going to pass at the next opportunity, and a few corners later I had it and I zipped around them. I then settled down into my ride, going at a good pace, but not really pushing at all. Not far on I passed a grey car waiting to turn out on to Page Mill with me, my initial thought was that I was lucky he hadn’t turned since I really did not want to be behind yet another car. As I passed him I did notice that it was driven by a pretty young guy, late teens early twenties. I wondered idly if he was up here for the same reasons as I was, mainly to enjoy a good twisty road.

I was right, he was up here to move along the road at speed.

In general I dislike having cars behind me. I just don’t trust them. Too many of them have tried to kill me over the years and if the worst should happen and I did crash I wouldn’t want them too close to not stop and make things even worse for me.

So with this in mind I speed up a bit. Not a lot just a bit. So I was a bit surprised that when I checked my mirrors a few minutes later that the grey car was still there. Now I felt a bit guilty. I was holding this guy up, so I added a bit more speed. I wasn’t going my fastest, but the fastest I was willing to go on public roads on a lazy Tuesday afternoon. Mainly accelerating harder out of corners and breaking a bit later. So imagine my surprise when I checked my mirrors again and saw him just a bit behind me!

It was then that I decided that “discretion was the better part of valor” and I began looking for a place to let him by. I thought that worst case scenario would be that I would have to give him a little gap if I caught up with him since clearly he was moving along at my pace was. Turns out I need not have worried. He passed me and I did not really see him again for a while. That lil grey Honday Civic with a very stinky aftermarket exhaust zipped away. I was glad I let him go. I do however feel a bit of shame over haven been left in the dust by a Honda Civic, no matter how aftermarket his ride was.

I did see him a bit later, we got caught behind a Truck, and he passed him in a spot that I would have questioned passing. His acceleration was pretty good, but I still felt a bit humbled.

After all that you might have thought I was done with my excitement for a ride home. Sadly I was not.

I was nearly taken out by a truck at the junction of 84 and Skyline. He was making a left on to Skyline from in front of Alice’s and he sort of rolled through the stop sign and was headed right toward me. Luckily evasive action and a bit of my horn stopped things from becoming messy, but it’s a crazy reminder that people just don’t look/see motorcyclists.

Over all, I would do it all again in a heart beat. It was beautiful in the hills and I feel so luckily to live in a part of the world where my commute home involves such great roads.


About MotoCynic

I started riding motorcycles in 2006, and there is no going back. I've ridden more than 100,000 miles, most of it on a Ducati Monster, and despite setbacks and murderous BMW's I'm loving every mile.
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